Boundary Entertainment Guide

This Month's Lineup

[The Boundary Hotel]

Join us for Brisbane’s best live entertainment!

Enjoy a relaxed afternoon listening to local acoustic soloists and DJ’s at West End’s favourite destination!

What’s On In August

Fri 9th: Pete Cullen (5pm) / DJ Bacon (8:30pm) / Pete Crawford (9pm)

Sat 10th: Steve Williamson (6pm) / Caillin Malley (9pm) / Chusap (9pm)

Sun 11th: Andy Ellem (2pm) / Pete Cullen (5pm) / Noah Fonoti (5:30pm)

Fri 16th: Tom Roberts (5pm) / DJ Bacon (8:30pm) / Tyrone Drahm (9pm)

Sat 17th: Kristie Lea (6pm) / Caillin Malley (9pm) / Chusap (9pm)

Sun 18th: Casey Watt (2pm) / Brooke Schubert (5pm) / Chris Ramsay (5:30pm)

Fri 23rd: Noah Fonoti (5pm) / Chusap (8:30pm) / Ben Jam (9pm)

Sat 24th: Steve Williamson (6pm) / Chusap (9pm) / Tom Roberts (9pm)

Sun 25th: Nik Conomos (2pm) / Pete Cullen (5pm) / Tyrone Drahm (5:30pm)

Fri 30th: Brooke Schubert (5pm) / DJ Bacon (8:30pm) / Tyrone Drahm (9pm)

Sat 31st: Nik Conomos (6pm) / Caillin Malley (9pm) / Chusap (9am)